Protein is bad for the kidneys

Good morning.

Don’t eat a high-protein diet - it’s bad for your kidneys!

This is correct if you have chronic kidney disease (CKD).

If you do not, it is not.

Somewhere along the lines, this myth has been taken out of context (CKD) and into the mainstream.

This isn’t the worst myth going around, but it is a common misconception regarding protein intake.

Sometimes I wonder whether some people truly believe this one, or if it’s somewhat a justification for their current diet.

The example would be someone wants a low-protein diet to protect their kidneys, while consuming 20+ standard drinks per week (don’t worry, the liver can regenerate itself).

Increasing protein intake makes a huge difference to anybody recomposition journey.

It helps to stay full between meals (less snacking), protects muscle mass during an energy deficit (makes muscle definition more noticeable) and often displaces excess carbohydrate intake at meals.

It can be a great place to start focussing on in your diet, even without trying to decrease energy intake.

Often when more protein is in the diet, there is a decrease in energy intake from less snacking and carbohydrate intake.

Less energy intake leads to a great energy deficit, promoting fat loss.

Tom Fitzgerald