8 Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask Your Trainer

Answers to the big questions!

I have compiled some popular questions I get asked. They aren't all about fitness and nutrition, which is probably a good mix up on the this blog. Here they are, in no particular order (just the order I wrote them down in...)


What are you eating for lunch?

When you are in the nutrition game, it seems that anything you eat is on the table, so to speak. Lunch in particular is the popular question - I guess this is because lunch illustrates what you have prepared in advance (if at all), so surely whatever you prepare is the nutritional ideal. Usually it’s something like chicken/turkey/kangaroo, with some rice/quinoa/mash and a big serving of vegetables/salad... nothing too exciting!

I eat a tonne of oranges because they are 'on-brand'... not really

I eat a tonne of oranges because they are 'on-brand'... not really

I prefer to eat white or lean meats at lunch time, because I think it holds taste better after being refrigerated or stored. That's no scientific fact or nutritional secret - just my thoughts!


Do you eat junk food?

On occasion I certainly do! Whether it be a takeaway meal or something for dessert, I am happy to oblige. I eat well the majority of the time and don’t eat a huge amount of junk food. this Ironically, this gives me the ability to eat junk food almost whenever I want!

Caramel slice is definitely my favourite treat!

If I'm eating junk food or something off the plan, it's usually in the evening, because I don't like to eat poorly before training sessions. The upside of this approach is that after exercising, you often want to eat good food to fuel those gains. Maybe this is a good strategy to cut down on junk food intake!


Do you actually enjoy training?

Yes, I do.

I am really starting to enjoy the time-out aspect of training in the gym. It’s a great opportunity to get away from the laptop screen, spread sheets and mobile phone and focus on something else. I find training to be quite relaxing and breaks up my day. I’m not particularly good at switching off from work mode, so evening training sessions are perfect for exactly this. However, if I’m not being overly productive through the day, I can sneak off and complete my training session and return refreshed! I guess that's one benefit of self-employment...


Where do you get ideas for your articles?

For the most part, I just try to think what information would be useful or interesting, and what questions I would like to have answered if I was a reader. Sometimes I will write about something specific or topical, but usually it's just something that I get asked about a lot or that has been on my mind.

In 2014 I was just trying to put as much content out there as I could. However, I lacked any real structure or direction with my writing, and there was also inconsistency to the creation of new content. There might be three new posts in one week, and then nothing for a fortnight.

I had time to spare back then (especially early on) so that was ok, but this is no longer the case. Now I have a weekly article that comes out on Wednesday nights. I have also focussed on creating relevant, interesting and engaging content. If I don’t look at it and find it interesting, it won’t go online anymore. I literally have half a dozen or more completed article that I could post, but didn’t like them or it's not the right time!

Writing is a great way for me to develop my knowledge and ability to explain different aspects of nutrition and fitness. There is an art to being able to explain science as simply as possible, and that is something I want to be good at. I'll keep doing it as long as I can and my goal for 2015 is to post a new article every week!

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When are you going to give out free stuff?

I have a funny answer for this one. If you are on the mailing list, you are in for a rare treat over the next few days. However, I hate the idea of giving a service away for free on the most part! I can see the benefit of offering a free trial or discounted program to bring in more clients and then focus on retention, but it’s not the way I want to run my business and I can also see great flaws in this idea.

Firstly, the people who sign up for free are less than likely to subscribe later on when the money needs to be paid. This idea that they will feel obliged to repay you for your time invested previously just doesn’t work. On the most part, people do things for free, because they are free. There's a big difference between someone signing up for a trial because it's free, than there is signing up to a free trial because they are genuinely interested in your service. Problem is, you can't tell which is which!

Secondly, you are rewarding the wrong clients. If I was to provide a free session or program, it would be to someone who I have worked with previously and appreciated their work. These are the people who should be getting rewarded, not the new prospect who you have no relationship with and can’t make up their mind.

Who is more deserving of something free - someone who has been training with you for three months, turns up early and has referred a tonne or clients OR someone who likes the idea of training with you, but doesn't want to invest in a session? 


Where did you steal #gymtipswithfitz from?

I made them up – that’s why half of them probably suck!

How to get popular in Van Dieman's land

How to get popular in Van Dieman's land

Why don’t you post transformation pictures?

 I have explained this in an article before, but it’s something people still like to talk to me about. Some people have even asked do I have any clients! There are two main reasons I don’t share transformation pictures.

It’s their work. People find me, decide they want to work together, we develop a program and approach just for them, and then we put it in place. I don't charge for the results, I charge for the programming. So if they don't do the program, they still need to pay for it. Likewise, if they exceed their expectations on the program, they still pay the same price. The point is, they own the result and it's not mine to use for client acquisition.

Privacy. I honestly don’t think people want transformation pictures plastered all over social media. A picture of someone without a shirt on looking grim in their ‘before picture’ amateurishly edited and placed next to their now trim physique in the ‘after photo.’ I don’t see many people posting these kinds of pictures at their own accord, so I don’t want them to start doing it on mine!


What do you think of Pete Evans?

I have mixed thoughts on this ongoing debacle. I like the whole foods approach to eating and encouraging people to get back into the kitchen. However, this is not dramatically different to what most nutrition professionals recommend and some of the health claims and medical advice given is well and truly beyond the scope of a Chef (and Nutritionist for that matter).

In saying that, I think that the nutrition professionals react and engage quite poorly with what he has to say publicly. This whole movement to take him down seems like a waste of time to me. Well-educated people such as them should just focus on developing their business and spreading their knowledge, not trying to shut someone else down.