The Benefits Of Personal Training In Canberra City


Canberra is an interesting place. The population is spread out and relatively low density compared to other cities. However, a tonne of people live within a 10-minute drive of the Canberra CBD. What’s more interesting, is that seemingly all of the Canberra population work in the Canberra CBD or within a 5-minute drive across Lake Burley Griffin.

Now why is this relevant? Shouldn’t I be talking about protein or peri-workout nutrition? Well yes, I’m no expert in city planning – or whatever field that information was actually relevant to – but this is my blog, so I can pretty much do what I want.

The reason this is interesting is the fact that Integrated Fitness & Nutrition now run personal training in the Canberra CBD. Now that’s cool, and you might have heard about it, but I want to tell you why you should be training with Integrated Fitness & Nutrition in the Canberra CBD.


One: The Parking Benefits

If you roll into the gym for a 6:00am or 7:00am training session, you will be getting the best car park going around in the CBD. There will be so few cars there, you can even reverse park (don't worry if it takes a few attempts) into your space. When you head back to your car at 5pm, everyone will be admiring your sweet parking effort and think you are a better driver than you probably are.


Two: Less travelling

One of the killers of early morning training is the time spent travelling. Think about this, if you have a 20-minute drive each way, that’s 40-minutes down the drain, and even worse, lost sleep. Likewise, if you want to train after work, there goes any other 30 minutes if you are travelling across town. Over a day, that’s the equivalent of driving to Goulburn! Let’s be honest, who really wants to drive to Goulburn?


Three: crush it, don't rush it

When you are getting it done in morning, there is no need to worry about peak hour traffic (well Canberra’s version of peak hour – 60kmh on the parkway) or sitting at a roundabout for 25-minutes. Train hard, grab a bite to eat (I’ll let you know what options are calorically-cleared) and head off to work to tell everyone about the awesome training session you just crushed!

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Four: b.y.o towel

Don't worry, we have you covered if you cannot shower at work. No one will even know you went to the gym, until you need a new wardrobe a few months later and you become the go-to for opening any jars in the office. The showers are private too, so you won’t be in there with any of those guys who spend 2-hours in the change rooms, but haven't been seen on the gym floor since '09.


Five: Enjoy the Indoors

Well I guess this isn’t exclusive to the CBD, as the majority of Canberra have embraced walls and roofs. However, if running around in the ice and sub-zero temperatures at 6am isn’t your thing (I know it isn’t mine) we can offer you warmth and even heating, inside this magnificent lifting facility. This means you’ll never again drive to an oval, realise how cold it is, and drive back home to bed.


Six: Bring the Crew

We just knocked out some popular barriers to exercise in the morning, like travel, shower access and somehow Goulburn got a mention. Anyway, this means that your workmates have no excuse when you invite them for a session. Integrated Fitness & Nutrition can provide personal and small group training sessions, so bring a friend and get to work and then go to work!


Seven: It is New

The gym is located in the epicentre of cool that is Braddon, ACT. Superset squats with quilting to develop your own niche and more importantly, a new hashtag #squattling (zero posts on Instagram - be the first). But please, no boat shoes and or hessian pants (until Nike make hessian) in the gym, as they may cause irritation once we get warmed up.


What Now?

So that is a pretty convincing case for training in the CBD. Next thing to do, is find the right trainer. Now that's up to you. I just get you into the city, you decided where to go!

I am categorically biased, but strongly recommends Tom Fitzgerald. Tom knows a bit about training and nutrition, and has even completed some study in these fields. Find out more here.

Book yourself a session or ask me a questions about if Integrated Fitness & Nutrition is right for you.

See you soon!

Tom Fitzgerald.  

Nutritionist + Personal Trainer