Setting a Base Point

What do you are doing right now is vital for what you want to achieve in the future.

Integrated Fitness & Nutrition specialise in developing personalised fitness and nutrition programs to suit our clients goals, experience and lifestyle. We base our recommendations on getting to know the client - what they are doing now and what they would like to achieve. 

The most important parts of the process that allows us to personalise solutions for our clients is the 25-minute phone/Skype consultation that all new clients must complete. The insight gained during this consultation forms the basis for the recommendations we provide to our clients.

We have recently included a three-day food and exercise tracking activity in addition to this consultation. It's hard to remember the little things that happen on a day-to-day basis, so by giving the client the goal of recording everything for three days, we don't need to rely on recall alone. The tracking activity has been extremely beneficial to both our clients and us.


What has been interesting is the feedback from new clients on the information they had acquired from this tracking.

Guys who were struggling to gain muscle realised they weren’t actually eating that much food, even though they had previously been convinced otherwise.

A lady who was consuming two coffee-based beverages per day with 224 calories in each, was able to identify this potential weight loss road-block.

I was also fascinated by these findings, and as a result, have put together the Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Tracking Challenge.

This is a free seven-day Tracking Challenge where participants can track their food and fluid intake, exercise and sleep. The goal is to help them learn about the little things about their current fitness and nutrition that they can improve. 

However, unlike our personalised programming services and consultation, you don't need to be a client to take advantage of this Tracking Challenge! From tomorrow, you will be able to download it for free.

Corny motivational quotes can be accurate sometimes...

Corny motivational quotes can be accurate sometimes...

The benefits of creating this base point via the Tracking Challenge are numerous.

Aside from providing the foundation of the program, this information can be used a reference point to see how much progress has been made. It’s quite difficult to gauge how much you have improved using just your memory, which is exactly why I tell people to track their workouts!

Another benefit is that it gets you thinking about what you are eating. You might choose to pack lunch for the week or try some new dinner options, just to see how it goes. The cool thing is, you can weigh yourself at the start and end of the week to see if there was any change!

The Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Tracking Challenge is now available. Sign up free today!