Tactical banqueting

When you are eating out with friends or colleagues it can be hard to monitor individual intake when the banquet has been ordered.

The endless array of food alongside intermittent delivery makes it easy to lose track of what you’ve had so far.

It’s the same as trying to work out how many drinks you’ve had when your glass keeps getting topped up before you finish it.

You know you haven’t technically finished a single glass, but it will be the end of your license if you decide to drive home.

The big challenge to overcome is knowing exactly what you have consumed.

To do this, try to fill your plate or bowl and finish all of the food before filling it again.

This allows you to at least have an order of the intake by using the serving size as a guide.

You don’t have to do this every time you go out, and of course you can enjoy yourself while still losing weight, but for people who are frequently consuming meals this way, be it business meals or something similar, it can be an important component of energy intake.

By having a strategy to monitor this intake, you can see how that approach goes and whether or not it helps reduce energy intake.

Tom Fitzgerald