The Big Four

Good morning.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback on The 440 Club - it really is appreciated!

A few people recommend grouping the content into themes or topics and then breaking it down over the course of the week.

I think this is a great suggestion - this will allow me to cover things in greater depth over the course of the week, whilst keeping the emails short and concise (by my standards).

I am going to implement it from today!

This week’s theme covers how I about getting a better insight into new clients, including four questions that have an impact on the strategies we implement.

I am continually refining the information I gather from new clients, as I gain more experience from working with other clients, learn more from leaders in the fitness industry, and see what works in other fields.

I love the security of numbers - it's great to be able to put together a calculator that will work how macros and required deficits based on your current weight and goals.

There’s a certain comfort that comes from that all mapped out.

But the calculators cannot factor in someone’s experience and lifestyle. All they can provide is a path, then it’s up to the client and me to discuss whether the necessary changes are likely to be adhered to.

It’s hard to tell, based off an initial consultation and tracking challenge how suitable these recommendations are.

But the four questions I am going to share this week make a big difference.

It’s never perfect, I still make mistakes all of the time. But by implementing the answers, there’s an added level of confidence in a programs initial recommendations.

Tom Fitzgerald