The green light

When I was talking about the -338kcal deficit on Tuesday, there was another number I should have mentioned.


That’s the amount of weight that you could lose by implementing the -338kcal deficit from now until Christmas.

While it might not be the 6kg result that would have been reached if you had started a few months ago, it’s still a great outcome for the next couple of months.

It’s also going to be more adhereable than the -750kcal deficit that would be needed to get the 6kg target before Christmas.

The aim of this week’s emails has been to get you thinking about how you could get yourself into a position that will make your 2019 goals easier to achieve.

It might be losing a kilogram or two.

It might be walking 30-minutes a few times per week.

It might be redesigning your lunch meals to something lower in carbs and higher in protein.

If you can move the needle on any aspect of the 3F’s (food, fluid and fitness) it will give you a headstart in the new year.

When you first saw the 3.5kg weight loss if you started the -338kcal deficit from day one, you probably wished you had of started back then.

If you start putting in place some changes for 2018, right now, I can assure you’ll be looking back on this time with no such regrets!

Tom Fitzgerald