Couldn't find the right job for me

Good morning.

I wasn’t sure what to do when I finished university.

I’d lost interest in the sports performance, due to my perceived lack of impact for nutrition expertise.

I’ve since heard stories of the nutrition expert being overruled by a coach who decided to implement a low-carb diet with the team because it had worked well for them personally.

I didn’t want to do personal training because I thought I was too qualified to do that kind of work.

So I was looking for a hybrid nutrition and training job that wasn’t working in performance sport.

Unfortunately, it didn’t exist.

That could be fixed - all I had to do was start my own business.

So I did.

I ran a trial program with six clients, built a website and got started in July 2014.

It worked well.

I had a number of clients, ran some business health consultations and things were slowly building.

Then I was in the UK in February 2015 and I caught a two-day seminar with Phil Learney in London.

I was sitting in the seminar and it became pretty clear to me that the clients I was working with would benefit from having personal training options.

Likewise, it would allow me to gain more experience coaching these clients in the gym and seeing what works, and what doesn’t.

So when I got back to Australia that month, I got back into the online coaching and starting to go about trying to find a gym from which to base my personal training (I thought you weren’t going to do that?).

Tom Fitzgerald