The smallest gym in Canberra

Good morning.

I wanted to work in a private gym instead of a big commercial facility.

I had seen trainers in other commercial gyms I trained at and decided that wasn’t something I wanted to be associated with.

An interesting place popped up in the city - House of Reps.

It had a punny name, but that was about all I could establish via the web.

I checked it out and it was literally a room with some squat racks and other gear.

But it was in the city, the equipment was good quality, and the owner, Kieran, was a good guy who took training seriously.

So in June that year, I started doing personal training.

I was still working in a bar when I got back from the UK, so I maintained this for the first few months of PT until it became feasible to quit.

I didn’t have many clients, so there were weeks where the income didn’t even cover the gym rent.

So I would pay for the privilege to work in the morning, and then I would go to the bar at night to recoup those losses.

It seems insane now, reflecting on it, but it just made sense at the time.

I quit the bar on the 31st August 2016 and that was the last day I had a boss (aside from Ellie, but she claims to be more of a director than boss).

Tom Fitzgerald