Good morning.

It was funny timing.

In November 2017, I hit a monthly revenue goal I set in February 2016.

But it was still a pretty straight-forward decision to make the move - I could work from anywhere and Ellie had a lot to offer at the new job. 

Naj is an awesome coach who would bring the same, if not more, to the clients than I would.

I could also focus on online coaching which was more strategy based, which I enjoyed.

I thought the move would be pretty easy: change the website and just build up the number of online clients I had.

The reality was a touch more complex than that and is still a work in progress, with the process of updating systems and the need to stop being lazy on social media/marketing (just picking that up now).

But that’s all part of the journey.

So that’s where it’s all at now - I just summed up four years in five days. 

Many of you would have been a part of it, which has been great.

I’ve met so many people over the past four years with a range of backgrounds, experiences and stories.

I have learned so much from these people and have retained so much interesting information.

Ellie still hears me go about how “so and so said…” when we are talking about something or another.

Some of you will be part of the future, which is exciting.

If you’re reading this email, why don’t you write back and tell me how and when you came across The 440 Club.

I send you a lot of emails sharing my stories, but I love getting them back with yours!

Tom Fitzgerald