It's too cold

Good morning.

ANZAC Day has passed, which means you can turn your heater on in Canberra without social reprimand.

But that also dawns a retreat from exercise due to it being ‘too cold’.

If you’re going to give in to the cold, at least stick it out for as long as you can.

But if you are keen to fight through this year, the next few weeks are vital.

Yes, it’s getting colder, but these 6-degree mornings are much more pleasant than the -6-degree mornings that are two months away.

Inoculate yourself to the cold now, and you’ll be able to train through the winter of 2018.

There’s a special brand of smugness when someone says how cold it is today, and you smile and agree, thinking back to your morning walk four hours ago in the darkness and sub-zero temperatures.

Yes, it is cold. But that only stops you when you let it.

Tom Fitzgerald