Good morning.

Ellie read Friday’s email about food tracking and asked me if I was really going to do that, or just put something together that looked good.
Of course I was going to do it!
“Well this weekend won’t be any fun then...”
Actually, the weekend was fun, and I tracked the food.
We went to the Farmer’s Markets, waited four hours for the Telstra tech, and had lunch at Snapper Rocks. 
More importantly, we didn’t unpack anything moving related, which was a first for 2018!
But my food intake wasn’t perfect, as you will see tomorrow.
It’s always tempting to improve the reported data you’re tracking, to make things look better than they are. 
Everyone does it, there’s even a study on trained Dietitians where they showed an average underreporting of 10% per day.
This information is critical to developing a starting point for body recomposition. If it is inaccurate, it can unknowingly impair recommendations and future progress.
Let’s say you record your food intake and the average is 2000 kcal per day.
Then you remember the two biscuits and two coffees that you forgot to track, but you don’t worry about adding them because they are small.
The problem is, you’ve just omitted several hundred calories – which is significant.
If I was to look at your intake, and see weight is not moving with your current food intake and exercise level, the recommendation would be to reduce food intake (from 2000kcal).
Instead, I should be making the same recommendation, but from 2400 kcal!
So if you want to make some final adjustments to your tracking, make sure you do it now. 
Don’t forget you can send them through today, if you want some feedback.

Tom Fitzgerald