How often should you train?

Good morning.

Question: what’s the optimum amount of training sessions (hours) per week?

It depends.

But it always depends, so I need to holster that answer.

For general population clients, I think the goal should be activity on more days than not (ie. at least four times per week).

But whether this is training in the gym, running for an event, or going for a light walk, will really depend on their goals, experience, and lifestyle.

Here is the guide I have put together, for an upcoming resource.

* as you become more advanced, steady-state can become a recovery or deload session.

The session duration will depend on the training type and intensity, but let’s assign 45-minutes per session.

Therefore, the total volume is 135 - 180 minutes per week.

Ideally, we add in a couple of steady-state walks and the total volume in 225 - 270 minutes per week.

Which means 3:45 hours to 4:30 hours, would be the answer.

Tom Fitzgerald