Training on the move

Training while on the road is difficult due to equipment accessibility and scheduling constraints.

Running and resistance training are popular with frequent travellers because they are both self-directed and easily accessible across the world.

Having access to a gym membership with international access such as Anytime Fitness, Fitness First or Virgin Active means you can walk straight into the facility without needing to pay for a casual session or complete a host of paperwork.

Anytime tends to have more facilities in cities and across the country, but they are smaller and can become busy during peak times.

Virgin Active and Fitness First have larger facilities in the CBD of major cities, but they tend to have fewer gyms in each city and can be hard to find in smaller places.

If resistance training is your preferred method, it’s worth having access to a gym while travelling instead of relying on hotel gyms that can be inconsistent.

I’ve modified training sessions for clients based on online photos of the hotel gym, only for them to find out half the equipment is no longer there (or never was).

Bodyweight training is also a good option because it can be done in the hotel room, gym or outside.

It’s important to be flexible with timing and be able to modify workouts as needed.

A 20-minute HIT session might not be as ideal as the 60-minute weights session you had planned, but it’s always going to be better than nothing.

If you’re feeling tired or jetlagged, simply walking at a moderate intensity for 30-40 minutes in the morning is a good way to get the heart rate up and muscles working. 

This can also be a good way to calm down before a big meeting or presentation if that’s what you’re travelling for. 

A lot of the time training while travelling is about making the most of the time you have.

A training system that requires minimal and coaching requirements, you can have more flexibility in when the sessions can be completed.

Even if these systems are different to what you might implement at home, they can still be integrated into your strategy to ensure they are consistent with desired training and fitness goals. 

Tom Fitzgerald