Training should be hard and enjoyable (in that order)

Good morning.

It’s easy to define hard, but enjoyable can be a different matter.
It could be:

  • Having fun during the session (obviously not during squats)
  • Social interactions around/during the session
  • Seeing progress and achieving goals
  • Overcoming fears, objections, and anxieties around training
  • Discussing life’s deeper aspects with your trainer/training partner

Few people enjoy pain, but many people enjoy the achieving their goals that involve going through pain.
If your training is boring, you can try setting some goals to achieve.
But if you still have no motivation, considering trying something new.
There are plenty of different options.
If you are in the gym, you can try a new training regime – strength, muscle building, fitness etc. 

Or, you can focus on a particular exercise or activity.
Or, try something completely different.
Start running, walking, cycling, or swimming.
Play social sport once per week.
Try any combination of the above.
When it comes to activity, it doesn’t really matter what you are doing. 
I’ll always have two resistance training session for my clients, due to the multitude of benefits unique to this style of training.
But if they are hating it, maybe it’s time for a break (from resistance training, not physical activity).
So if you’re stuck in a training rut, with no motivation and no progress to show for the past few months, start searching for something new to try in the next week.
Let me know when you’ve booked it in.

Tom Fitzgerald