Understanding your 3Fs

It’s very tough to self-assess our 3F’s because we tend to overestimate physical activity and underestimate food consumption when measured in hindsight.

There’s even research that showed Dietitian’s trained in food recall techniques underestimated their intake by 10-15%.

It not always due to trying to make things look better than they are, we simply cannot remember every single thing we ate last week.

So if the plan is to self-assess without any data and make judgements on what needs to change in the current regime, it’s highly unlikely that things are going to work.

My recommendation would be to track your food, fluid and fitness in real-time to allow yourself to build an accurate picture of your current regime.

The tracking allows you to see where you want to start making changes right away, and what can be held off for later on.

We’ve all done the opposite and tried to change everything at once, but it rarely works and often has you ending up further away from where you started.

So control the 3F’s and manipulate them to alter your body composition - just make sure you know what they look like before you get started!

Tom Fitzgerald