Wait until after Christmas?

November can be a funny time in the fitness industry.

The winter cold has gone and daylight savings is here, which makes training either side of work much easier.

But the holiday season is also within touching distance, bringing with it the Christmas parties and festivities that seem to take up the month of December.

This begs the question: is now a good time to start a new diet and/or training program, or you should wait until the New Year?

As usual, it depends on the individual.

If you are a new coaching client coming in mid-late November then I might well recommend waiting until the New Year to get started.

It’s not so much that you might lose momentum over the Christmas period, but it’s not great coaching on me to get you started and then provide no support over the end of year shutdown.

Instead, we might set some basic goals such as exercising more or an energy target for the rest of the year, then get started in 2019.

Of course, there are always exceptions - people who are more experienced with training and those who will be able to continue training over the holiday period may be ready to go.

If you are looking to start your own program, then you may well fall into this category.

You don’t have to set a short-term goal that expires before the end of 2018, instead, you can focus on getting your routine established and then taking off in 2019.

Think of it as a pre-season where you can start to build some fitness, routines and habits that will benefit you when the training goes into full swing.

In strength and conditioning, this is called a General Preparatory Phase (GPP) and it’s thought of as the ‘base’ for future training adaptations.

So if you’re thinking that it might not be the right time for coaching right now, take advantage of the next couple of months to build your base for 2019!

Tom Fitzgerald