We all do it

Yesterday’s email was heavy.

Tomorrow, I will have results from half-way into the eight-week challenge, which hopefully won’t be as heavy.

Thatt email will have all the metrics and progress updates, but I wanted to discuss something quickly.

Week Two.

In the second week, I gained 0.3kg despite everything looking good on paper.

Energy intake averaged 2520 (aiming for 2500) and there were 250 minutes of exercise for the week, an extra 23 mins from the previous week (when I lost 1.3kg).

Now I know that weight loss, and fat loss, aren’t linear. 

You can create the same deficit every day, but there will be some weeks where you lose a lot and other none.

I’ve told many people this, had them not be too sure, and then everything is moving again soon.

The is well illustrated by the same energy deficit producing results of -1.3kg, +0.3kg, and -1.2kg in the three weeks so far.

But then it happens to me, with a tight timeframe, and I’m thinking everything is wrong.

I started questioning the numbers and thought about cutting the calories to 2200, because maybe I had missed something in the calculations. 

And then when I couldn’t find anything I missed, I started questioning the calculations.

Now this wasn’t a level-10 meltdown, but there were seeds of doubt that were wanting to grow.

I decided to give it one more week and see what happened, and things returned to normal.

I don’t want to highlight patience, although that is important.

I want to highlight the fact that everyone freaks out every now and then, even when they should know better.

Whether you're don't know the difference between a micronutrient and a macronutrient, or you've been doing this for four years, we are still people who want results now.

So the next time a client sends an email worrying things aren’t progressing, only to get a reply saying keep doing what you’re doing - it will work, I can now share this experience with them.

Tom Fitzgerald