“What do you want to be able to do?”

Good morning.

I’ve shared the 567 method to help better-understand motives, whereby you ask why something is important 5-7 times and the real motivation for action probably lies in between number 5 and 7.

It’s also just as important to understand what you want to be able to do.

For goals that are related to movement or exercise, this will form an important part of the program that gets you there.

If you want to run a charity 10km, there needs to be an element of running in your training. Losing body fat will help that, but we also need to build up cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and a touch of physical resilience. 

For body composition related goals, such as wanting to feel more comfortable when presenting to groups or large audiences, we can also tie this into your training.

Your resistance training might be aimed at building the shoulders and upper back, to fill out the business shirt and create a taper to your waist. 

This makes a small contribution relative to losing body fat from around the waist, but it does make the training sessions feel like they are aligned with your goal, which benefits adherence.

By having something you want to do, there is an added level of motivation.

On the freezing cold morning when you are meant to be heading out for a run, the confidence of achieving your long-term goal will be a strong motivation than a number on the scales.

What do you want to be able to do?

Think about it and feel free to let me know!

Tom Fitzgerald