“When did you last weigh [insert target here]?”

Good morning.

This is a recent addition to the client onboarding process.

It’s often a confronting question, which is never a position you like to put people in, but it also provides valuable answers.

Most people set a fat loss target of 4-8kg in 8-12 weeks, often based on rather arbitrary goals such as weighing or losing a certain amount of weight (mostly divisible by 5).

This is an attainable goal with adherence to strict training and nutrition program.

But how strict is the program they are coming from, to ascertain how great the change will be.

The greater the change from the current program, the harder it will be to adhere to.

A lot of people overestimate their ability to adhere to such a regime, convinced they “can stick to anything - they just need a plan.”

Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

But when we ask the question about when the weight was last there.

It’s often more then three years ago, if not longer.

This tells us a few things:

  • Weight was gained gradually or maintained for a while
    • This means that the underlying routine would respond well to small changes over a longer period of time, instead of a rapid overhaul.
  • The current regime doesn’t work for weight loss
    • There is a need to implement something new
  • They want to undo years of gains in a few months
    • It’s hard to determine an attainable goal, because it really depends on the level of program that can be adhered to. However, when a client takes a second to think how long they have taken to gain the weight, the timeframe they allow themselves to lose the weight often expands.

This question helps clarify how great the change to the current routine will need to be.

It’s a recent addition, and still not a question I enjoy asking. But the answer brings important information for the program, and no one worries about a tough question once it’s done, only before!

Tom Fitzgerald