Whenever, wherever

The freedom to train “whenever” you feel like it can simultaneously become a strength and a weakness of training outside or at-home.

Whilst it removes some barriers to training and generally makes physical activity more accessible, it also can make it hard to get started.

You might plan a morning session and then wake up not wanting to train, so you mentally allocate the session to a 30-minute block later in the day,

Then something pops up and you shift the session to the late afternoon.

When the time comes, you’re tired from the day and decide to postpone until tomorrow.

Not having a scheduled time to train can make any type of training hard, but the travel time saved from outdoor training often means the session becomes short and flexible to move around in the schedule.

Like I said, this means some sessions happen when they otherwise wouldn't, but it also means that some sessions get lost because they can always be done later...

The other strength/weakness is the ability to train "wherever", which often isn't what it seems to be.

Despite the fact that bodyweight training can be done almost anywhere, there are often a few weight or bands that you have access to that can be included in your program, particularly for beginners working up to particular bodyweight exercises.

This means that they need to be transported to wherever you are planning to train.

If you don’t have them, it’s easy to say “I can’t train” and leave the session until tomorrow.

Ironically, most people doing outdoor training will use the same space/s, even if it’s at multiple locations.

That's definitely me - I was keen to be flexible in my training location, but now I've worn the grass underneath where I set up my rings.

It’s good to know what areas are dog-free, even ground, have shade for a water bottle and so forth.

Some people like to train nearby their house, while others like to travel away for fewer social distractions and more privacy.

This means that if you're relying on the location to change and not get stagnant - which some people don't like about the gym  - there's actually a strong chance this won't happen.

Tom Fitzgerald