“Why now?”

Good morning.

The vast majority of people reading this email would like to lose some body fat, including the writer.

And most have probably been like that for a while, typically without action.

So when someone does decide to hire a coach and get started, it can be useful to find out what caused that change to happen.

Some people have been hopping between programs without success. They might need consistency and a good explanation of why they are doing something.

Some people might need accountability. They might need a simple program with strong progress measurements.

The trigger is often more valuable than the goal itself.

I also like to ask people why the chose to work with me.

Besides the mild ego boost, it also gives an insight into what about me resonated with them.

This gives an insight into what values they might have, which is something to respect and work with.

It’s a big deal for a person to hire someone they have never met in-person and will mostly communicate with via video and email.

So the more I know about the individual I am working with, the more personalised their coaching will be.

Tom Fitzgerald