Why Personal Training in Canberra?

Over the past 11 months, I have been running the Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Body Recomposition Program via remote coaching, using a combination of email, phone and Skype consultations to stay in contact with my clients.

The program, and more importantly the people who have implemented it, have been successful in achieving their goals. However, there was one thing missing.

Face-to-face sessions.

There were new clients who wanted help with technique, intermediate clients who needed some assistance with accountability and advanced clients who could benefit from an experience eye looking at their session. These clients would all benefit from supervised training at some stage of their programming.

Peronal Training.png

Since IFN wasn’t provided these face-to-face sessions, we helped these clients find personal trainers nearby, and of hopefully the right skillset. However, it wasn’t always ideal... some trainers didn’t like running someone else’s program, others wanted to sign the client fulltime and generally speaking, the standard was not aligned with the expectations of Integrated Fitness & Nutrition.

This is not meant to be a dig at other trainers. Some of the trainers were excellent and we still recommend them to clients, as required.

So while the online programming was going well, I wasn’t happy with the state of personal training. What to do.. Hire and train my own my own trainers? Not quite, but maybe down the line…

I decided to start personally training my Body Recomposition Program clients right here in the Canberra. Obviously I can’t get to Western Australia or to the UK to train every client (we are working on that), but for everyone in Canberra, you can now come down and be coached through your sessions.

All training is conducted at the House of Reps Gym, which is located in the Canberra CBD. I wanted a location that is near to where people live and work, because who wants to travel 30 minutes each way for a one hour morning training session – not me!

I also wanted a facility with similar values to me - I wasn’t going to try and sell memberships just so I could have the ‘privilege’ of using a commercial gym. I just want to train people and work hard, just like I expect them to do. This facility certainly delivers on that front!

So here we are.

Training will be run from Monday-Saturday between 6am-10am. You can book an exclusive one-on-one sessions or work with a small group (three to four) of clients who are also working with Integrated Fitness & Nutrition. The private gym will also allow the development of a community of like-minded individuals who are there to train, learn and engage… no showboating here!

If you aren’t an Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Body Recomposition Program client, you can still get a training session, subject to availability. My number one priority is to coach the BRP and make sure that people who are investing in themselves are getting coached well – which is a common them across all of our services.

To begin with, sessions will only be conducted in the morning. I would like to expand into evening session later on, but my other commitments won’t currently allow this. If there is significant demand, I will look at hiring a quality personal trainer who can run these sessions with IFN clients. In the meantime, it’s the early risers who will be getting into the best shape of their life!

I also prefer morning sessions – because there are no excuses. You can’t get stuck at work or caught in traffic at 7am. So if you want to be at the gym, you can make it. And hey, if you don’t want to be there, that is cool too!

If you are interested, get in contact and we can see if Integrated Fitness & Nutrition is right for you!