Will I still write articles?

Good morning.

The answer is: yes and no.

In terms of the long-form fortnightly articles for the Integrated Fitness & Nutrition website, no, I will not be writing those anymore. 

These emails do get posted to the website, although without any offers that go to the email list.

I will still be writing plenty of content, it will just be in a few different formats. Such as:

  • These emails
  • Nutrition Round Table for Women’s Health & Fitness
  • Plenty of new content for an upcoming project, that you will see soon

I’m also going to start doing some Instagram Live videos from next week. So if you are on Instagram, keep an eye out for me around 4 pm on weekdays!

The Instagram Live videos will be mostly Q&A, or expanding on points discussed in these emails. If you have a specific question about training and nutrition, just write back to this email and I can elaborate in a video or email.

I was a bit hesistant to start going Instagram Live, partly because of the fear that no one will watch, but also due to the 24-hour lifespan of content. 

The articles have always been a long-term play, which I have been very comfortable with doing, and have delivered great results.

On Instagram, once the video expires, it’s gone. How ineffective!

I actually came around to the idea of ephemeral content being a good thing, because it allows new people to get involved without fear of asking the same question that has always been answered.

I hate listening to people doing Q&A when they say “I’ve already answered that”. If someone is asking, they obviously haven’t seen the answer before.

Whilst I don’t want to ask the same question over and over again, but if someone pops up with a question during a live, I will answer it and refer to any other resources, if needed.

The party starts on Monday some time after 4pm. Stay online and I’ll show you the new house/work set up. This has the double motivation of making me keep the place clean this weekend.

Ellie will like that.

Tom Fitzgerald