Two glasses per night

Good morning.

Question: How bad are two glasses of wine per night

It’s hard to quantify anything on a scale of badness, unless I had an accurate understanding of your intake and goals. But I can answer this generally, while still being relevant. 

A 100 ml glass of wine contains about 90 kcal. But most people are pouring 150 ml per glass, so let’s call is 145 kcal.

Two of those is the best part of 300 kcal.

This is significant, particularly when the energy intake target is less than 2000 kcal per day. 17% of energy intake for 1800 kcal target, which is commonplace for female clients. 

Cutting out the two glasses of wine then comes down to priorities.

If you’re making progress, there’s no need to change anything right now. Save it for later.

If you’re not making progress, this is where it gets interesting, because we need to create a deficit from somewhere. 

Let’s assume that it needs to be from energy intake.

We have the option of decreasing food intake and keeping the wine.

Or, we maintain the food intake and remove the wine.

It depends on what you want to do. If hunger throughout the day is an issue, then it must be the wine to go. If not, maybe not.

I hope that helps.

Often alcohol intake itself is not a massive contributor to energy intake. However, the additional food that gets consumed while inhibited, and exercise missed the next day, has a big impact.

My recommendation will always be minimal alcohol intake, ideally none, because it serves no beneficial dietary purpose.

However, there are social benefits that need to be considered. So if it’s not causing any harm, it can stay.

Tom Fitzgerald