Tri These Arms For Size

How to build bigger triceps - try this workout and learn the theory behind it!

The triceps are the calves of the upper body.

Everyone wants huge biceps and as a result, many people train triceps as an afterthought. This despite the fact that triceps contribute significantly to the overall mass of the upper arm. When planning an arm session or observing your local gym, it’s rare to see the triceps being trained before the biceps.

The triceps consist of three muscles (hence ‘tri’) and are best trained in September (hence ‘cep’), although the second part is subject to confirmation. The triceps do most of their work when straighten the elbow. Typically, trainers use movements such as extensions and pushdowns to target this movement.

Trying to impress (source: )

Trying to impress (source:

Triceps also play an important role in pressing movements. If you struggle to in the final phase of bench press and overhead press movements, this can be due to weak triceps… so make them a priority!

I find the triceps also have the greatest ‘squeeze’ and ‘stretch’ sensations during the concentric and eccentric phases of lifting. This allows great feedback as to whether I am targeting my triceps, or potentially allowing shoulders/forearms to dominate the movement. This can lead to distributing of loading away from the triceps, which is not a good outcome for development.

To successfully target all three muscles in the triceps, slight variations of hand, elbow and torso positioning should be incorporated into a workout. I generally like to include one pressing, two extension and one pushdown movement into my tricep workouts. I find this works well for me, and can have me struggling to shampoo my hair for the next three days.

Here is my current tricep workout. Give this a tri if you are looking for something new...

Tri this workout today!

Tri this workout today!

There is no excuse for underdeveloped triceps anymore. You have the insight and the routine to start developing some impressive triceps!