Zero-cooking Nutrition Plans

Has he lost it?

Not quite yet, but I'm probably getting close...

Let me explain - cooking is an excellent skill to have and I will always encourage people to cook more. I am not the best cook in the world, as I’m sure anyone who has eaten my boring meals will attest to... However, when I need to cook or prep meals for the week, I will certainly do it.

With that being said - my area of expertise are training and nutrition strategies to achieve body recomposition. 99% of my clients are busy people, who have demanding jobs and juggle plenty of other commitments. Sometimes we need to develop a strategy for these people that does not include a huge amount of cooking, but still gets them the results they want. It can be done. 

Besides that, some people don’t like/want/desire to cook, but this doesn’t mean they will gain a tonne of weight. There are plenty of options out there to stay lean and healthy year round.

In an ideal world, everyone would have time to cook. People would also have the skills to cook and a sufficient the knowledge of nutrition to put together a solid nutrition plan. But we don't live in that ideal world - people are busy, cooking skills are becoming rare and we teach almost nothing about nutrition to kids in school - so let's be real!

People have lost weight from eating only McDonald's for 30 days. Provided you take a smart approach, there is certainly the potential to have a balanced nutrition intake without actually cooking anything yourself. Take a look at the following options to find out how!


Meal Prep Services

Meal prep services are popping up all over the place, as people take advantage of the convenience of healthy meals without the cooking and cleaning. Sure, you pay a little extra than if you made if yourself – but good food along with no cleaning and cooking is the trade off!

If you are a busy professional who is time-poor but looking to eat well, meal-prep services are right up your alley. Most will deliver right to your door, all you need to do is order, store and consume!

Most of the services are catering towards healthy eating and there are some awesome tasting foods. My preference here in Canberra is Fudie. They have an range of tasty foods and just the right amount of variety!

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Eating Out

Everyone in the know would have read the fast tips for fast food article we posted a few months ago, which provided some healthy options at popular fast food outlets. However, eating out doesn't mean fast food exclusively - restaurants and cafes are other options. 

It has become increasingly easier to find healthy options on the menus of local restaurants and cafes, particularly since the health food craze and invention of Instagram #cleaneating. Salads, wraps and grilled meats are safe options when eating out. Be wary of heavy sauces, particularly anything cream based. These can come with a tonne of calories that can quickly ruin an otherwise good meal. 

Eating out comes at a cost and is more expensive than meal-prep services. However, if you pay $20 for a sit-down lunch it's not a bad deal... you spend an hour away from work, you are probably socialising and you are also fuelling your body. Think about this and what you value an hour of your own time to be worth, and a meal out can actually be a reasonable option!


Packaged Foods

Despite all the hoop-la about packaged foods and hidden sugar contents - you can usually find something decent wrapped in plastic or in a tin. Let's think about it for a second, just because spinach comes in a plastic package, does that mean it lost all of its nutrient value?

Aside from Popeye's favourite, tuna, yoghurt and frozen vegetables are all packaged foods that can be part of any solid nutrition plan. You can pick them all up relatively cheap, compared with the meal-prep services and eating out options listed above!

This isn't to say 'go out there and eat anything in a package!' Do note the intake of sodium and sugar – as some packaged food can have high amounts of additives. It's like anything, if you play it smart, you can make it work!


what about the cost?

There is no doubt that preparing your own food will be cheaper than buying it made, and packaged food will usually be more expensive than it’s uncovered comparison, but convenience comes at a cost.

It comes down to a time and cost assessment for each individual. If you are very time-poor, it can make sense to pay for someone else to prepare your own food for you, especially if it means you eat better and enjoy your meals! I’s a bit like personal training – sure, you can do it on your own, but sometimes having an expert on your team is just what you need!

For most people, a hybrid of cooking, meal prep services and eating out may be the best approach for them. I have had clients who seek meal prepped lunches, while cooking their own lunches and dinners.

There is no standard approach that everyone must take. Assess your own needs and decide what can be of use to you!