Personal Training - Canberra

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All Body Recomposition Programs are supervised by Tom Fitzgerald

Tom understands that personal training can initially be intimidating and many people have had poor experiences with the fitness industry.

Even if you don't lift a weight, Tom ensures you will leave your first training session feeling comfortable in the training environment.


 the Body Recomposition program

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Our signature program is suited to people looking to fast-track their results and technique development with supervised training sessions. 

Most of the clients we work with online have been trying a range of programs, without every fully committing to one or the other. Whilst we love working with these clients - because we can find the system that will work for you - we need you to be ready to commit, implement, and be honest in your feedback.

To get results we need to find a common goal that goes beyond 'losing 5kg' or 'looking better on the beach' because that doesn't keep you motivated when you're tired and want to leave the gym early, or don't want to cook tonight. 

We have worked with client's to feel confident on stage presenting to an audience, quash insecurity in the bedroom, and not think twice about jumping of a yacht in Croatia!

Once we find that common goal, we are both excited and invested in the program.


personal training Features:

- 1-3 training sessions per week depending on your program. We can provide 1:1 or 1:2 group sizes.

- comprehensive training program including any addition unsupervised training sessions (usually light walking or similar).

- tailored nutrition program to suit your goals, experience, and lifestyle. We start slowly and understand your current intake, before making progressive changes to work towards your goals. We don't have a certain strategy (ie. low carb, paleo, etc) and instead call on a range of strategies as best suits you.

- ongoing email support and check ins to answer your questions and maintain accountability.

- desktop and mobile access for your training and nutrition programs. No more spreadsheets - we are in the cloud!


Dietetic Services

Integrated Fitness & Nutrition does not provide dietetic services. If you have a medical condition that requires nutrition consideration, we will refer you to a Dietitian. 

We highly recommend FEED INC, in Kingston.