Tom Fitzgerald Coaching

Tom Fitzgerald

Exercise Scientist & Nutritionist

- B. Sport & Ex. Sci/B. Human Nutrition


- Nutrition Advisor - Women's Health & Fitness

Tom specialises in body recomposition for general population clients, helping them gain confidence and strength while losing body fat.

His strategies and insights have been featured in Women's Health & Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, Men's Muscle & Health, and many others. 

Tom works with clients remotely. 

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Najwa Allen

Personal Trainer

- B. Ex. Phys. & Rehab.

- Cert. 3 & 4 in Fitness

Najwa brings a unique blend of Personal Training and Exercise Physiology experience with general population and rehabilitation clients.

Najwa completed an eight-month internship with us in 2016, and began training clients in 2017.

Najwa works with Personal Training clients in Canberra.

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