Our methods focus on the Three Principles of Body Recomposition: Ownership, Energy Balance & Adherence

These principles have been developed, tested, and refined from years of study, experience with 100+ private clients, and studying best-practice from fitness and other industries.




Online Recomposition Coaching


Personalised training and nutrition strategies alongside ongoing coaching and accountability. This service is ideal if you have a gym membership and have promised to 'eat better' for 3+ months, but it never seems to happen.


1:1 or 1:2 Personal Training


Build your confidence, technique, and work capacity with the constant cueing and feedback from our Coaches. We use a combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and steady-state cardio during these sessions. 

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Level 1, 34 East Row

Canberra City, 2601



Tues-Fri 6am-10am
Sat 8am-1pm


your Team

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Tom Fitzgerald - nutritionist & personal trainer

Takes responsibility, gives credit. 

Tom specialises in applying advanced training & nutrition principles to busy general population clients to develop effective and adherable programs.

He rapidly builds a client's confidence in the gym through exercise selection, progression, and understanding the right time to challenge them.

- Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science/Bachelor of Human Nutrition.

-Certified Sports Nutritionist - International Society of Sports Nutrition

- Diverse and demanding client base including: asset management executives; special operations military and law enforcement; medical professionals; semi-professional athletes; brides-to-be; and busy office workers. 

- 140+ published articles including features in Oxygen Magazine, Men's Muscle & Health, and many more.

Najwa Allen - Personal Trainer.jpg

Najwa Allen - personal Trainer

Proven performer.

Najwa invests the time to understand each client and their motivations, before harnessing this knowledge to guide them towards their goals with every single repetition, session, and week.

After completing a ten-month internship as part of her university studies, adding Naj to the team was a simple decision. Naj creates and delivers training programs that work around and rehabilitate any injury, without compromising intensity.

- 4th year Exercise Science & Rehabilitation student

- Master Personal Trainer

- Allied Health Assistant - Cerebral Palsy Alliance


What our client's say

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The blog contains over 100 articles about training, nutrition and body recomposition.

We use these articles to provide our clients with more information about specific principles or concepts we are using in their personalised strategy.




Tom shares a fortnightly email with his clients, friends, and engaged followers, that contains the latest articles alongside exclusive insights and offers.

It is called The Integrated Insider and you are welcome to join below.

You will also get a copy of Tom's ebook The First 11 Changes Our Body Recomposition Clients Make to gain an insight into the methods he uses with clients.

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about us


We launched in 2014 as an online business delivering personalised training and nutrition coaching for clients based in Canberra, interstate and overseas.

In 2015, we added a personal training component to the business for our Canberra-based clients. Operating from a private training facility in the City, we currently deliver 1:1 personal and 1:3 small-group training.

Our signature Body Recomposition Program is a highly-personalised system that is tailored to our clients goals, experience and lifestyle. The system has been featured in numerous publications and media. 

We have a proven track-record and invest time and resources into developing and implementing solutions to achieve our client's goals. We use professional training and nutrition management software alongside online contact to ensure clients are making progress both inside and outside the gym.